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Brands of Die Cast Model Cars

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There are many brands of die cast model cars. Faced with the impossible challenge of keeping up with them all, collectors tend to focus their energies on one or two favorites.

We'll continue to add new model car brands as time allows. Each link will take you to another menu with the cars we've reviewed listed one by one.

Click any image to find out more about the models, or submit your own reviews of die cast model cars here.

NHRA diecast

NHRA diecast

NHRA diecast: Jason Line, '10 Summit Pontiac GXP Stock. More...

Hot Wheels Redline 1968 Camaro prototype from Hong Kong

Hot Wheels Cars

Hot Wheels diecast collectibles for every budget. More...

Matchbox Cars: Santa's Lump of Coal stocking stuffers

Matchbox Cars

Matchbox diecast collectibles come in all shapes and sizes! More...

As well as the ever-popular Matchbox cars and Hot Wheels collectibles, there are dozens of other brands that have come and gone over the years. The question is, how can one website feature them all?

We'll do our best to help, but naturally our focus will be on the major brands: Revell model cars, Corgi die cast models, AMT model cars, DUB City model cars and more. Be sure to contact us if you've built a collection of a different brand and we'll add a page to feature it.

If you have a one of the world's best collections of die cast cars and have a model you'd like to share with other collectors, send us a review and we'll show all our visitors your discovery! Be sure to include the brand and model name or number if you can.