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NASCAR diecast cars are fast becoming a phenomenon, as the sport takes ever-greater market share, at least in North America. (Formula 1 continues to be the world's leading motor racing sport.)

Since 1947, NASCAR has been America's top racing series, and it is currently the second most popular sport in America behind football.

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Hot Wheels NASCAR 2000 Kyle Petty Pontiac Grand Prix

Hot Wheels Kyle Petty

Hot Wheels NASCAR 2000 Kyle Petty Pontiac Grand Prix. More...

NASCAR is undoubtedly a dangerous sport. In one two-year period, four of the sport's stars, Adam Petty, Kenny Irwin, Tony Roper and Dale Earnhardt, died in crashes, leading to new safety features in the real-world cars -- and an increase in the value of NASCAR diecast collectible cars bearing their names. The sport's popularity has not suffered, with an estimated $3bn spent annually on merchandise by fans.

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