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Vintage Matchbox cars are highly sought-after, especially in their (match) boxes. First appearing in 1953, these little diecast models achieved something special: they became the "Hoover" of the die cast cars world. People began referring to any small diecast cars as Matchbox.

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Matchbox Cars: Santa's Lump of Coal stocking stuffers

Santa's "Coal"

This is a brilliant joke stocking stuffer for your kids! More...

Growing up, you were either a Hot Wheels or Matchbox collectors. Matchbox owners were more serious about quality and realism, while Hot Wheels buyers loved the non-standard color schemes and fantasy vehicles.

A company with its roots in British manufacturing, Matchbox eventually suffered from the bleak 1970s British economic crisis and went bankrupt. Two owners later, Mattel bought the brand and now owns both Hot Wheels and Matchbox. It has (mostly) stayed pretty true to each brand, continuing to cater to the needs of each market and keeping the brands separate from one another.

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