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Collecting Old Model Cars

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Collecting Model Cars

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If you've decided to collect old model cars, then you need to be realistic about your expectations.

Vintage model cars are much rarer than more recently-made models and consequently, you are less likely to find a perfect condition example. Here's some thoughts about collecting antique model cars.

These Matchbox cars are below "Good" condition

Condition Grading

Learn the difference between the various model car condition grades

Learn how to grade your cars

When faced with a dealer who has a car you want to add to your collection, it's important to know exactly how to work out:

- What condition the car is in

- What make and model it is

- Whether it's an original, or a remake

- Whether the car has had any work done to it

What exactly determines "mint" condition? This is the state in which the car was originally sold. A truly mint car will never have been taken out of the box, but for antique model cars, this is virtually unheard of.

The best you are likely to find is "near mint". The car has been taken out of its packaging, but remains almost perfect, with almost no fault visible.

"Fine" condition is the most likely baseline for really old model cars. Here you may find small scratches, dried out rubber tires and other minor faults, but essentially the car is in original condition, with its own paintwork and no missing parts.

"Good" condition is a much-loved toy, yet still not missing pieces. There will probably be a lot of scratches and possibly the axels are bent or rusted; however, the car should still function.

"Original" condition means that there are no parts replaced and the paint has not been touched up. This is used in tandem with the grade, so "good original" condition means there are faults, but that the car has not been improved with modern paint or parts.

Don't be in a hurry to buy that perfect vintage diecast model car

Take Your Time

Never rush into making a purchase. Always take a deep breath and consider a model car carefully

How to buy old model cars

If you're just starting out in collecting vintage model diecast cars, then you need to learn a lot about the hobby BEFORE you commit serious money.

Attending model car shows is a good idea. Here you can find fellow collectors and talk to dealers. Remember that dealers are in the business of making money, so take their advice with a pinch of salt if all they do is try to get you to buy something, but an honest dealer will be happy to help a new collector set out on the right path.

Reading books about model car collecting is a good idea. The more knowledge you arm yourself with, the better you'll understand your hobby and the less likely you'll be to make expensive mistakes.

As well as specialist shows and dealer lists, eBay is a fantastic resource for old model cars. You're buying from a wider marketplace, but it's still important to take care and not rush into paying more for something than you would do if you had the time to stop and think about it.

eBay does cover collectors in the unusual instances that they buy something that's not as described, but it's always better to keep your money in your pocket until you know you've found the right item. Getting a refund can take a long time.

Don't be afraid to ask

Best Diecast Collectible Cars is here to help you get the most out of your new hobby! Please contact us with any questions about collecting old model cars. We'd be happy to assist you in any way we can.

If you have a collection of vintage model cars and would like to show off a particular favorite, we'd love to see it. Fill in this simple form and we'll show all our readers your great discovery. Have fun!