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Hot Wheels collectibles have been around for decades and show no sign of slowing down in popularity.

Thinking of owning one of every Hot Wheels car ever produced? Good luck! There have been more than 10,000 different models produced, with some of the earliest custom models and prototypes being exceptionally rare and expensive.

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Hot Wheels Redline 1968 Camaro prototype from Hong Kong

1968 Redline Camaro

VERY RARE: 1968 Hot Wheels Redline Camaro. More...

Hot Wheels NASCAR 2000 Kyle Petty Pontiac Grand Prix

Hot Wheels Kyle Petty

Hot Wheels NASCAR 2000 Kyle Petty Pontiac Grand Prix. More...

Launched in 1968 to compete with Matchbox Cars -- a brand that it would ultimately come to own -- Mattel turned its back on realism and decided to appeal to children (mostly boys) who would love FAST diecast cars. Its free-rolling wheels and track systems achieved two things in time: they made Hot Wheels very popular with kids, and ensured that the much-raced cars were harder to find in mint condition by the collectors of today!

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