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Matchbox Cars: Santa's Lump of Coal stocking stuffers

by Kathy Petersen

What a hilarious idea and a great Christmas gift for your 'naughty little Elves'! As every BAD child knows, Santa brings lumps of coal if you're not good all year long.

Imagine the surprise on their faces when they open their stockings to find ACTUAL COAL! Well, not really -- these little Matchbox coal lumps actually have Matchbox cars inside them.

One of the most inventive Matchbox introductions of recent years and the perfect Christmas gift for the diecast collector in your life -- an adult will appreciate this too, but be sure for adults to leave the packaging intact.

Click to buy the Matchbox Coal Cars 2 Pack Die Cast Cars in Lumps of CoalMatchbox Cars: Santa's Lump of Coal stocking stuffers from Amazon today!

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